Is it fun beating the strawman?

The strawman is that a free market was never about restricting wealth to the best and brightest. It is hopefully about unleashing the best and brightest to be able to do the kind of work that advances all of us.

The comparison is also invalid because Paris Hilton inherited her wealth. According to Wikipedia she is descended from three generations who did work hard to provide value (great grandfather, grandfather, and father). It is true that people tend to have an excessively optimistic view of their children and inheritances often go to unworthy heirs. But it is also true that this isn’t specifically a feature of Capitalism. Not only is it a defining characteristic of feudalism, but formally classless societies (USSR and China) have the same issue. One might think this desire is embedded in our genes, and would be impossible to change.

Nikola Tesla was the prototypical mad scientist. It is tragic, but he was addicted to gambling. Capitalism allowed him to gamble the money he earned from his early, successful career. But without it would an engineering school drop out (see 6th paragraph) have been given an opportunity to develop the induction motor? Would a government bureau of technology have transferred him to the US at all?

h/t Joseph Capdepon II


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