Food Stamps and Restaurants

If we ignore the illustration (which is obviously false, because food stamps haven’t looked like this since long before Obama’s presidency), this creates the impression that food stamps are normally accepted in restaurants.

I didn’t check every state in the union, but in liberal California this is only true for people who can’t store or cook food for some reason. Homeless people typically don’t have a stove, and some people are too badly disabled to cook ( ).


2 thoughts on “Food Stamps and Restaurants

  1. This reminds me of half a dozen memes I’ve seen going around about the US flag, the national anthem, and other patriotic things. The meme will say, for example: “Share this if you think the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ should be sung at ball games.” –As if anyone were proposing otherwise.

    What’s the reason for the meme? To incite panic? To plant the seed of suspicion? I get these memes primarily from my right-wing friends.


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