Fails Reality Check

That is would be extremely strange. But considering I just said said it and nobody did anything (except for my boys giving me looks), this also fails a reality check.

It is true that some private organizations tell their employees not to say Merry Christmas on the job. But that isn’t the same as not being able to say it, just as me not being able to sleep when I’m supposed to be working doesn’t mean I can’t sleep.

h/t @Leslie Sowell

Edit: Susan Fred Schmerling pointed out that it is only saying Merry Christmas to the buying public while the employees are representing the company.

Edit #2: Dawn Geisler pointed out that “Christian nation” could mean a nation with an established Christian church. This obviously isn’t true of the US. However, I consider that to be a definition for a “Christian government”, with “nation” being what people who are members of that nation choose to do.


2 thoughts on “Fails Reality Check

  1. There is a whole problem of definitions here. The meme-maker missed their point entirely. What is a “Christian Nation”? They probably meant “anytime and anywhere we want”, freedom of speech and all, but he didn’t say that, did he?


    • I assume “Christian Nation” means a nation where the majority of the population self-identify as Christians. The US, at 78.4%, falls under that definition (

      Freedom of speech protects you from the government. If I were to defame IBM, they could fire me. If I were to defame you, you could sue me. The government can’t tell you not to say “Merry Christmas” except in very limited cases.

      Disclaimer: I am an IBM employee, but the opinions expressed here are my personal ones and not those of the IBM corporation. IBM, being a corporation, probably doesn’t have opinions beyond “we need to fulfill our fiduciary duties”.


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