False use of “Quotes”

The purpose of the quotes here is to show that something isn’t real, such as saying that Joe “voted” five times in this election. But in this case that is factually wrong:

  • University of Phoenix really is accredited, and therefore a university.
  • Campaign contributions really are legal. Occupy Democrats might not want them to be legal, but reality and wishes aren’t identical

There is also a half truth here, because most of that money is student loans rather than a grant from the tax payer. However, that half truth may not be wholly misleading. It would have been wholly misleading if those loans were actually repaid, but many of the loans aren’t going to be repaid, especially those to students who don’t graduate.

I assume Occupy Democrats would like to use this meme to push campaign finance reform (which wouldn’t allow University of Phoenix to donate to the congress-person directly, but would still allow media figures to talk in favor of politicians, of course). But the same facts can be used to support an overhaul of the federal student loan program, which makes it easy to sell overpriced education services.

h/t @Melissa McDowell


Chuck Larson points out that I misunderstand the quotes. They don’t claim that the words in the quotes aren’t real, but just to imply skepticism.

Quotation marks have always been used in place of the phrase “so called” to imply skepticism as to the legitimacy of something and were used in exactly that way in this meme. Your blogger is using the phrase “False Quotes” in a misleading manner that implies that the meme itself wasn’t true, when it was. Clearly a desperate grab at semantic straws in a pathetic attempt to obfuscate the truth. Cheap shot.


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