Bad Comparsion – AIDS vs. Ebola

Sexually transmitted diseases get that name because they are not very infective. You need close, intimate touch, such as in the case of sexual relations, to be infected. So quarantine isn’t as necessary as in the case of Ebola. Also, AIDS was allowed to run rampant because nobody knew what it was and how to stop it at first. This is very different from a virus whose symptoms and transmission vectors are already known, and where the level of quarantine required is already known.

h/t Ruth Johnston


One thought on “Bad Comparsion – AIDS vs. Ebola

  1. Mike Spehar commented on this topic: “What was President Reagan supposed to do? Quarantine all AIDS victims? How about this: “For the record, Reagan first mentioned AIDS, in response to a question at a press conference, on Sept. 17, 1985. On Feb. 5, 1986, he made a surprise visit to the Department of Health and Human Services where he said, “One of our highest public health priorities is going to be continuing to find a cure for AIDS.” He also announced that he’d tasked Surgeon General C. Everett Koop to prepare a major report on the disease. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom, Reagan dragged Koop into AIDS policy, not the other way around.

    As for Waxman’s recollections about AIDS funding, he does an unusual thing for a politician: He’s forgotten the success he and other Democrats had in convincing Reagan to spend more money. The administration increased AIDS funding requests from $8 million in 1982 to $26.5 million in 1983, which Congress bumped to $44 million, a number that doubled every year thereafter during Reagan’s presidency.”


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