Facts are Facts – But What about Interpretations?

Nice piece of mockery. However, the term “fact” is typically applied to things that are directly observable. That the temperature in Pflugerville, TX right now is 80 Fahrenheit is a fact. Anthropogenic and probably catastrophic global warming is not a directly observable fact, but a statistical interpretation of the facts that are directly observable. As such, it is an opinion in the same way that “the economy is doing better” is an opinion.


2 thoughts on “Facts are Facts – But What about Interpretations?

  1. Actually, the Climate Change is caused by Mankind, folks, keep thinking it is gonna be strongly positive.
    Too bad, we have examples, within historical times (paper records), of the Negative change possibility.
    And no, after 75 years on the High Plains of Alberta, and other places, I do not assume we are gonna enjoy a steady state, either.
    Solar cycles are important = old Sol is a mildly variable star, and we have plenty of examples of sister stars which are less, about the same, or more variable. And we are gonna get to enjoy a cooling, I think…


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