Minimum Wage for Jobs that can be Automated

Technically speaking I agree with this meme, a higher minimum wage will accelerate automation. However, it ignores Moore’s Law. A job that is worth automating today at 15 $/hr would be worth automating at 5 $/hr in five years’ time. Those jobs are going away anyway.


2 thoughts on “Minimum Wage for Jobs that can be Automated

  1. Incorrect use of Moore’s Law, “The number of transisters on an integrated circuit will double every 18 months” (often confused with “computing power will double every 18 months”) does not apply to other industries. For example, if the auto industry followed Moore’s law a Rolls Royce would cost less than a dollar and get over a hundred thousand miles per gallon. Since there is no evidence that robotic automation follows Moore’s Law since actuator and sensor technology are not following the same business model as computer chips.


  2. You’re right, only part of automation goes after Moore’s law. But the majority of the input provided by humans in fast food is data processing, IMAO. Automating the movement of fairly light pieces of food, cooking them, etc. is already a solved problem in food factories. Getting input from customers is already a solved problem in web sites and self checkout cashiers.

    There will probably still need to be a single technician in the restaurant to keep it clean, deal with malfunctions, etc. But most of the jobs will disappear.


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