Paying More for More Profitability?

Guest post by Sean Gartlan:

Talk about being intellectually freakin dishonest.
McDonalds..big name chain…80 some odd percent of the stores are run by franchisees, small business entreprenuers. In and Out? Wholly Corporate owned and run. So guess what? they may think they’re comparing apples and apples…but they ain’t, But the people who create these memes won’t mention that little fact because it DESTROYS their talking point that all corporations are greedy and inherently EEEEEBIL. fools.

McD’s has 35 THOUSAND stores in every state in the union I do believe, and a number of other countries. In and Out. 290 stores in..5 fucking states. Apples and Oranges children. apples and oranges

Ori: A chain that optimizes to having restaurants only in the best locations can pay a higher starting wage than one that is everywhere.


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