Read the Linked Article and See My Figures are Fictional

The meme comes with a link to an article. That is excellent practice. What isn’t so excellent is that the article does not support the figures in the meme.

“Now compare that example to the nonexistent government response to American energy companies, golf courses and corporations like Nestlé taking 75 percent of the groundwater out of the Colorado River Basin at a time when the American West is facing a record drought”

Corporations like Nestle. Apparently the meme author forgot that particular term.

“According to annual reports filed up to 2009, Nestlé bottles between 595 and 1,366 acre-feet of water per year – enough to flood that many acres under a foot of water – from the California source. The company takes 200 additional acre-feet per year from the Colorado source.”

Assuming the highest case, and rounding up, lets say this is two thousand acre-feet of water.

“In a new report by NASA and the University of California at Irvine, researchers discovered that between December of 2004 and November of 2013, the basin lost 53 million acre-feet of water. 41 million acre-feet, or 75 percent of that loss, came from groundwater sources, like those pumped by Nestlé.”

So in about a decade, a total of 41 million acre-feet were pumped out. Four million in an average year. Not exactly the same number as two thousand.

h/t Courtney Ballard and David Preston


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