Mercury in Vaccines – Bad Comparison

The danger isn’t in the parts per billion, but in the actual amount of mercury. According to the CDC, the recommended adult dose for the Influenza Vaccine is 0.5mL, or 1/2000 of a liter (about a quart). This means the amount of mercury in the vaccine is 2.55*10^-10 liters. The smallest imperial liquid volume measure is the minim, and you’d need about a fifth of a million of these to make up one (you can verify that here).

The minimum acceptable concentration is water is a lot lower, because people drink a lot more that 0.5mL (about a thousandth of a pint) in a year. To get the same amount of mercury from maximally contaminated water, you’d have to drink 2.55*10^-10/(2^-9), or a little over a tenth of a liter. Assuming people drink the recommended 8 cups a day, they’ll get nearly twenty times that amount in a day.

h/t David Burkhead


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