Who is Guilty for our (Dis)Armed Forced?

Some of it did happen in 1993 on Clinton’s watch. However, it is based on a DoD directive issued under Bush Sr. Page 3, D.1: The authorization to carry firearms shall be issued only to qualified personnel when there is a reasonable expectation that life or DoD assets will be jeopardized if firearms are not carried. This means we can blame:

  • Bush Sr.
  • Clinton
  • Bush Jr.
  • Obama

For this policy. Arguably, Bush Jr. is the one most at fault because it was on his watch that it became apparent that attacks on US territory do happen.

Based on comments from veterans, it seems this policy is a lot older than that and even in the 1980s our armed forces were disarmed except when trouble was expected.

h/t Brenda Mattingly Norman and Melissa McDowell


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