The Leftist Laundry List

One rhetorical advantage of the laundry list is that you don’t have to provide evidence. It is clear to everybody that each item needs to be short. This makes it easy to slip in things that have a flimsy relationship to reality.

Meme slant Reverse slant Commentary
Children eating Food stamp fraud Not all food stamps use is fraudulent. Not all of it is justified either.
Healthcare for all Fines for people who can’t afford health insurance
Marrying who you love Redefining marriage and punishing anybody who refuses to participate
Education Endless spending that does not increase student outcomes
Science This to too broad to reverse the slant, I got nothing. Not all science produces left-wing results.
Global warming Economy-wrecking CO2 controls I thought the Democrats were the ones opposed to global warming 😉 .
A woman’s right to choose Freedom to commit infanticide To saying “to choose” and leaving it at that, you draw attention away from the actual choice.
Veteran’s care [sic] Forcing veterans to use a monopolistic government provider for healthcare I thought we had multiple veterans
Equal pay for women Enabling yet more nuisance lawsuits against small businesses
Headstart An expensive program with mild long term benefits
GMO free food Depending on what this means, either “compulsory GMO labeling” or “more expensive foods” Companies are already allowed to label their food GMO-free.
Voter’s rights [sic] Voting fraud
The separation of church and state Restricting religious freedom Depends on the issue in question. Also, a lot of liberal beliefs seem to rise to the level of religion.
Teaching evolution in schools

Some items in the list are more legitimate than others. But by putting them all together, in the eyes of somebody who is mostly convinced by the Democrats they all get the legitimacy of the more legitimate ones (in the eyes of somebody who is mostly convinced by the Republicans, the reverse effect is likely to happen – but that isn’t the target audience).

I don’t think this meme would work on a well-educated and humble populace, because the pattern “do I have this correct? … and people still …” should scream: “There are extra factors here. It doesn’t make sense because this is a partial picture“. But it is much more tempting for people to just assume they are smart, and the people thinking the other way are stupid.

h/t Patrick Richard


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