Charles Manson’s Wedding

The guy in this picture is a murderer who is serving life and recently got a marriage license. Presumably, the purpose of this meme is to show that opposition to gay marriage is linked in some way to murderers.

There are several issues with this:

  1. Most conservatives would allow a person in prison to get married, but in the case of Charles Manson would have executed him soon after his crimes in 1969, removing all of his rights.
  2. This does not address any of the arguments raised against gay marriage (I’m saying this without expressing an opinion about whether those arguments are right or wrong).
  3. Conservatives oppose gay marriage, to an extent, because they fear having to be forced to participate or keep their disapproval silent. Again, this does not address that.

One thought on “Charles Manson’s Wedding

  1. I suspect its intended to be a sort of emotive argument-from-abuse – “this is a really terrible “traditional” (i.e., male-female) marriage, therefore traditional marriage is not the wonderful beautiful thing conservatives claim, proving the hypocrisy of their objections to homosexual marriage.

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