Factually Wrong: Where Workplace Rights Come From

The most important right I have in the workplace is the right to resign, which allows me to negotiate the rest of the terms. If it were “union thugs” that got it for me, they were fighting the confederacy 1861-1865, not their employers.

Does workplace safety come from unions? OSHA was created by an act of congress.

Employer health insurance? While unions had campaigned for it to be expanded, it came about as a way to provide a raise without violating the law during WWII.

Weekends? I think that idea came from a guy called Moses, long before trade unions got started.


One thought on “Factually Wrong: Where Workplace Rights Come From

  1. Arbogast Holmskragga had the correct criticism that I am overstating my case. Unions may have lobbied for OSHA. They did fight to decrease the number of work hours and increase the weekend to two days.

    Still, I contend that the meme is factually wrong because not every workplace right came from unions. A lot of it has to do with supply and demand of labor, which isn’t the result of unionization but skills development.


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