Rhetorical Trick: Shorter Names for More Powerful Message

It is natural for humans to shorten names when the meaning is clear. I call the country I live in The US, not The United States of America. Unless my oldest is in trouble, he is just Itai, not Itai Micha Pomerantz.

In this case shortening the name also makes the message more powerful, and less truthful. The real thing they remove from the textbooks is anthropogenic climate change denial, but they removed the two words in red for a shorter name. This can cause people to miss that the issue is the claims that the climate is changing due to human action. There have been warm periods before, and we don’t understand a chaotic system such as the climate nearly as well as we think we do.

This is a clever rhetorical trick, especially considering that it comes with plausible deniability. “We just used a shorter name for brevity”.

h/t David Preston


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