Out of Context Quote: Adapting to Having Rapists Around

This is taken out of context and redacted to make it appear like she’s blaming the women. She isn’t, she is suggesting that women not send the cues that in other cultures are considered an invitation to sex, such as asking men into their houses alone.

h/t Michael Z. Williamson


2 thoughts on “Out of Context Quote: Adapting to Having Rapists Around

  1. The quote still makes her look bad, any way you frame it. Why should Norwegian women (or any women) have to “take responsibility for” the inappropriate actions or out-of-synch cultural attitudes of Muslim immigrants? Since the Muslim men are the newcomers, it’s up to them to recognize that they are now living in a culture where an invitation to dinner is not an invitation to sex.
    Nevertheless, this could be a teachable moment for Muslim men in Norway and everywhere. The lesson is: Women aren’t property.

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    • I don’t think he advice is different from suggesting that women carry handguns in the US. Of course, handguns provide good educational opportunities.

      It makes more sense in the linked article, I shortened it and possibly lost some of the meaning.


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