Christmas and Socialism

I promised to take a break, but this was so egregious I am taking a break from my break. Out of those five, how many give somebody else’s stuff in their generosity, because it ultimately belongs to society? Zero. How many talk about abolishing personal property? Either zero or one (not sure about Jesus). How many attempt to seize the means of production? Zero.

Freely given charity is not socialism.


One thought on “Christmas and Socialism

  1. Well said, Ori. How dense do you have to be to believe that Jesus was a socialist? Jesus’ message was that all men are sinners. When’s the last time you heard a socialist cop to a thing like that?

    This meme demonstrates how superficial the modern definition of socialism has become, on both sides of the spectrum. To the hard right socialism means “taxes,” to the hard left it means “being nice.” Crack open a history book once in a while folks. You’ll find plenty of real-life examples of socialism right there.


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