Unexamined Assumption: Felons Can Only Buy Guns from Law Abiding Citizens

The assumption here is that a felon would buy a gun from a person who is law abiding. Such a person, if required by law, would ask for the background check. When the check came back “don’t do it”, such a person would not sell the gun.

This is possible. But if criminals knew they couldn’t get a gun legally from a private seller they’d have many other options:

  1. Smuggling, using the same networks that bring drugs into the country.
  2. Home manufacturing, possibly by some criminal mechanic who’d then sell the handmade guns so they wouldn’t all have to have the necessary skills and equipment.
  3. Strawman purchases by people who are dishonest, but can pass background checks because they have never been caught. To avoid being responsible for the gun, the strawman purchaser will then report it stolen.

So it isn’t “would have been prevented”, but “might have been prevented, unless he thought for a bit, or asked one of his felons buddies for a solution”.

h/t Tom Kratman


One thought on “Unexamined Assumption: Felons Can Only Buy Guns from Law Abiding Citizens

  1. I agree. this is an argument gun control advocates ignore — especially considering the abysmal rate in which straw purchasers are charged, much less prosecuted.
    I believe you also forgot a common method — theft.

    And let’s not assume the person wouldn’t have killed if he didn’t have access to a firearm. Bomb making is a easily researched and can be done in most kitchens.


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