Factually Wrong: Communist Manifesto and the US

Communist Manifesto US “analog” Crucial difference
Abolition of private property Property tax Paying up to 4.2% of your house value is not quite the same as having the commissars take it
Heavy progressive income tax The IRS I’m pretty sure the Communists wanted the taxes to be much higher, so high private
business wouldn’t be economically feasible.
Abolition of all rights of inheritance Inheritance tax The difference between 100% and 40%.
Confiscation of all property of emigrants and rebels Regulations requiring disclosure of foreign accounts Difference between telling the government about something and having that something taken away
Central bank Federal reserve They got this one right. The Bank of England is
a lot older, showing the idea isn’t uniquely Communist but it wasn’t nationalized until after WWII.
Government control of communication and transportation FCC and other regulators Does the author wish to state it is dangerous to post memes critical of the government, as it would be
under Communism?
Government ownership of factories and agriculture OSHA and one other logo I couldn’t read OSHA doesn’t own productive enterprises
Government control of labor OSHA and Dept. of Labor “Control” doesn’t mean a bit of regulation. It means for the government to decide what labor people
will engage in. Very different from being told you cannot lock the factory door.
Corporate farms, regional planning Monstanto A private corporation that doesn’t actually run the farms
Government control of education Dept. of Education Government control of publicly-funded education is a given (although it is mostly at lower levels than the federal). But private and home schooling is perfectly legal, IIRC

h/t Randy Ship


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