Wholly Misleading Half Truth: Odds of Being Killed by Cops vs. Terrorists

Of course cops kill more Americans than terrorists do (1102 people in 2014). The police are here, and a large part of their job is dealing with dangerous people (57 cops were killed violently in 2014). Terrorists are mostly in other countries, and while they have been known to attack the US, that isn’t particularly common. Maybe the way we over-react makes it appear like a bad idea.

However, the real question of who you should fear more isn’t how many Americans the police kills. It is how many Americans that behave as you do the police kills. Presumably, if you try to run over or shoot a cop your odds of being killed by the police go up considerably. What we don’t know, because the people who criticize the police don’t trust the legal system, is how many police shootings are unjustified. Cops train to make instant shoot/don’t shoot decisions, but of course instant decisions aren’t going to be taken with full information or time to consider it.

h/t Shaun Lee


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