Factually Wrong and Lazy: This Person Is Unlikely to Get Foodstamps

I can’t say it is factually wrong that some military veterans are on food stamps. For one thing, the majority of veterans are over fifty five, and Social Security isn’t exactly a generous program. For another, entry level military salaries aren’t supposed to support a family. An E-1, barely out of basic training, makes about $1,500. Then again, this is entry level. How many eighteen year olds start families already?

The reason I call this factually wrong and lazy is that this particular veteran works for the Marine Corp Scholarship Foundation in business development. That is typically a job that pays well enough not to need food stamps. Occupy Democrats couldn’t even bother to find a real example. That speaks to the honesty of the organization.


3 thoughts on “Factually Wrong and Lazy: This Person Is Unlikely to Get Foodstamps

    • Occupy’s more aptly named “Occupoo” after we found out they were stashing human feces at one of the “Occupy” events to make a crude hallucinogen from it.

      This is a prime example I consider most appeals to emotion to be suspect. Oftentimes, they’ve got no substance, no truth to them. “Lazy” doesn’t begin to describe this, Ori- you’re more gracious on that score than I.


      • I think I live a charmed life. Most people I interact with are honest, well meaning people. When we argue, it is because they know a different subset of the facts than I do (everybody knows only a subset, there are too many facts), so they reach a different conclusion.

        Despite the inflammatory name of my book, Lying with Memes, that I want to extend the same courtesy to meme authors. I’m sure there are veterans on food stamps (I have one on the relevant thread on Facebook) Probably they could have found one who is also disabled.


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