Factually Wrong: Prison vs. Nursing Home

I suspect the author of this meme lives in an alternative universe.

 Shower every day  If people in nursing homes don’t get to shower every day, it is because they can’t do it on their own and need to be bathed. How often do you think you’d get that service in prison?
 Video surveillance in case of problems  In the federal system, this surveillance allows for about fove serious assaults (serious injury or the threat thereof) per 5,000 prisoners per month (in the highest security level). In other words, a prisoner runs a 1.2% risk of being seriously injured or threatened with serious injury a year. This high crime rate probably indicates that the surveillance isn’t that effective.
 Three Meals a day  Maybe, but they’re the cheapest food available. Often, you get to “enjoy” food poisoning to go with it.
 Library  Compare that with the freedom to order any book off of Amazon.
 Computer  And if you’re lucky, you might even be able to send e-mail. As opposed to having the ability to own a computer or tablet without restrictions.
 TV  Again, also available to people in nursing homes – and without the same level of restriction.
 Gym  Maybe, maybe not. How many people in nursing homes need a gym?
 Doctors On-Site and Free Medication  It is somewhat surprising to see a right-wing outlet treat socialized medicine as a benefit compared to being able to buy medical treatment on the market. Some information on prison healthcare is available here (p. 29) and here.

Prisons are socialized. Even when a private company is running the prison, the customer is the state and the competition is on low price and high campaign donations. Nursing homes, OTOH, are usually chosen by the patient or the patient’s family. I’d expect a right wing outlet to realize that competition improves customer service.

I’d like to that Phoebe Dodd Vanderhorst for some of the information.

h/t @Shaun Lee


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