Wholly misleading half truth: Non-essential


There are things that have to run 24×7. Law enforcement, ambulances and hospitals, fire dept., 911 dispatch, etc. Those are called essential.

Some non-essential employees fulfill other functions, which have to be fulfilled for the essentials to happen. If payroll doesn’t pay the police, if the fire department doesn’t have access to the budget for fuel, or if the 911 dispatch center gets disconnected from electricity because the bill wasn’t paid, what happens? How about if the roads that the ambulance needs to get to your house aren’t maintained, even though they aren’t maintained during a snow storm? Or the court system that takes people arrested by the police and sends them to prison or sets them free? Those are all non-essential on a 24×7 basis. They can all take a week off to avoid dying in snow related accidents. But if they took much longer than that, there would be effects.


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