Bad Statistics and False: “Crime” map


If the maps had been true, it would still not mean much. The Democrats are mostly urban, and the Republicans mostly rural. Crime is a lot more prevalent where people actually live, and probably a lot more likely to get reported where there are enough people to make it difficult to hide. There is no shortage of things that appear correlated on the map because they correlate with population.

However, in this case the maps look nearly identical because they deal with nearly the same data. Both are electoral maps, with the bottom just retitled.



One thought on “Bad Statistics and False: “Crime” map

  1. Just a FYI, when the FBI releases maps and data, they do so on a per-capita basis, generally “crimes per 100,000 population”. This negates your first argument, were that an actual FBI map.

    Business Insider mapped the 2012 FBI crime reports, and lo and behold, they do generally follow the electoral map pattern (these are low resolution since the FBI data is by state, but certain areas still stand out as having higher crime rates across most types of crime):


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