Factually Wrong: KKK vs. ISIS/Da3esh


Personally, nothing. I haven’t seen any KKK activity, and I’m Jewish. But the reason I haven’t seem them is that collectively as a society the US, a predominately Christian country, did a lot. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ku_Klux_Klan…,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ku_Klux_Klan#Resistance_2, and the judicial bankrupting of the UKA (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Klans_of_America).

On the other hand, moderate Muslims are doing things about ISIS/Da3esh. Most of the soldiers fighting them in Iraq and Syria are Muslim. Most of the Egyptians fighting them in Libya (http://uk.reuters.com/…/uk-mideast-crisis-libya-egypt-idUKK…) and the Sinai are Muslim.


Bad Comparison: Absolute vs. Relative


It looks like Bernie Sanders is contradicting himself here, but that is not really the case.

In the top picture, he is talking about absolute merit. He is saying Hillary Clinton is bad compared to some kind of absolute standard.

In the bottom picture, he is talking about relative merit. One doesn’t need to think Hillary Clinton is going to make a good president to support her. One merely needs to think that we’d get a major party candidate, and that she is better than Trump. That is a much lower standard.

Bad Comparison: Dissimilar Events

This is not a valid argument, because the two events were very different.

In Garland, TX it was an event guaranteed to upset Muslims. The event organizers, very prudently, hired guards to keep the events safe. An attack was expected, guards were there, and it was resolved successfully.

In San Bernardino, CA the attack was unexpected. While having CHL holders might have helped matters, we cannot be sure. People are much easier to attack when they think they are safe. Therefore, this comparison is invalid. A better comparison would be to an unexpected act of violence, such as this one.

Bad Comparison: Cops vs. Lumberjacks

The comparison is invalid because lumberjack safety precautions are not a matter of public policy. They don’t risk anybody else, and they do not need political approval. Therefore, there’s no reason for us to hear about them.

Police safety precautions are a matter of public policy because the police’s job including fighting other people. Therefore, their precautions potentially involve the general public and we need to hear about them.

Bad Comparison: Auschwitz and Gaza

Yes, there are fences and civilians in both pictures. The bottom picture is probably a border crossing. Israelis have been understandably paranoid about that border crossing since 2004.

Border crossings for pedestrians typically have fences (see the picture below, at a border crossing between the US and Mexico).

Scene: Traffic and pedestrians are pictured at the San Ysidro border crossing, the world's busiest

The difference is that Jews were put in Auschwitz to kill them.

I cannot prove that Israel is not trying to kill the Arabs in Gaza. However, I can offer a number of argument as to why, if Israel is committing genocide, it is doing an incredibly bad job of it.

  1. The population of Gaza is increasing. The graph ends in 2006, when the population was about 1.4 millions. However, the current estimate is about 1.8.
  2. Genocide usually does not include medical treatment, other than experimentation.
  3. Even Arab sources concur that Israel provides Gaza with electricity and water. It is to avoid a humanitarian crisis, but when you commit genocide you don’t worry about such niceties.

Proper disclosure: I lived in Israel until I left at the age of 24. I may be biased, but the facts I cite are still facts.

h/t Mark Olivares

Bad Comparison: Chicken Eggs vs. Menstrual Blood

With one notable exception (breastfeeding), we avoid eating human bodily secretions. The idea disgusts us because human secretions usually:

  1. Have a negligible nutritional value for humans (because our bodies don’t waste valuable resources if they can afford it)
  2. Have lots of disease bearing bacteria, already adapted to living inside human beings.

This is completely not analogous to chicken eggs, which are very nutritious because the content is supposed to feed a fetus chick. Because our fetuses stay inside mama and get fed through the umbilical, the human analog would be to eat an aborted fetus (warning, disgustingly graphic picture).

However, I think most of us don’t think chickens and humans are equivalent. Although some people do appear to have bird brains.

I got the meme from Dawn Geisler, but the refutation is my own.