Majority of Square Miles vs. of People



The map clearly shows that the majority of Square Miles in the US supported Trump in 2016 (and might still today). However, it does not say anything about the majority of Americans. Some square miles have a lot more people than others.

Edit: Here’s an example of how to do a voting map right. As 3D, it can show population.


Bad Statistics and False: “Crime” map


If the maps had been true, it would still not mean much. The Democrats are mostly urban, and the Republicans mostly rural. Crime is a lot more prevalent where people actually live, and probably a lot more likely to get reported where there are enough people to make it difficult to hide. There is no shortage of things that appear correlated on the map because they correlate with population.

However, in this case the maps look nearly identical because they deal with nearly the same data. Both are electoral maps, with the bottom just retitled.


Bad Statistics: Median Wealth and Inequality

Several issues:

  1. Median measurements aren’t very sensitive to inequality. Whether Warren Buffet has a billion dollars or ten doesn’t affect the median. He still balances exactly one person lower than the median.
  2. The figure here is wealth, not income. When it comes to income, the US is actually #6. The reason Americans don’t accumulate¬†as much wealth is that our houses are considerably cheaper, probably because many states have looser zoning rules than a lot of the rest of the world. My six bedroom, two stories house in Texas is much cheaper than my mother’s three bedroom apartment in Israel. Does it mean I have less wealth, or does it mean I spend more of my income because I don’t need to spend nearly as much on housing?

h/t Diana Povero

Unexamined Assumption: Knives are for Fighting

In fact, 7 out of 10 young people who end up in A&E with a knife injury have been stabbed with their own knife. Carrying a blade actually puts you at risk.”

The statistic seems to be from here. The suspicious part is that it doesn’t seem to break down A&E (that’s British for Emergency Room) between accidents and fights. Of course, most people how have accidents while cooking are going to have them with their own knives, especially if they are teenagers and are likely to cook at home, but not to work in a restaurant.