Factually wrong and lacking in common sense: Black Friday

Ignorance can be excusable, but this fails on common sense grounds. It may be true that plantation owners need more helpers for winter (although considering they tended to live in the south, it is probably false). However, when you have a limited supply and a higher demand, do you give a discount?

This is also factually wrong. See http://money.cnn.com/2014/11/28/news/black-friday-history/index.html, for example.


Bad Statistics and False: “Crime” map


If the maps had been true, it would still not mean much. The Democrats are mostly urban, and the Republicans mostly rural. Crime is a lot more prevalent where people actually live, and probably a lot more likely to get reported where there are enough people to make it difficult to hide. There is no shortage of things that appear correlated on the map because they correlate with population.

However, in this case the maps look nearly identical because they deal with nearly the same data. Both are electoral maps, with the bottom just retitled.


Factually Wrong: KKK vs. ISIS/Da3esh


Personally, nothing. I haven’t seen any KKK activity, and I’m Jewish. But the reason I haven’t seem them is that collectively as a society the US, a predominately Christian country, did a lot. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ku_Klux_Klan…,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ku_Klux_Klan#Resistance_2, and the judicial bankrupting of the UKA (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Klans_of_America).

On the other hand, moderate Muslims are doing things about ISIS/Da3esh. Most of the soldiers fighting them in Iraq and Syria are Muslim. Most of the Egyptians fighting them in Libya (http://uk.reuters.com/…/uk-mideast-crisis-libya-egypt-idUKK…) and the Sinai are Muslim.

Factually Wrong: What about negative commandments?

This meme assumes that Christians are obligated by their religion to do three things:

  1. Go to church
  2. Pray in public
  3. Talk about their lord and savior

And therefore, as long as those are permitted there can be no persecution.

However, this ignores the whole concept of negative commandments, things people are commanded by their religion not to do. For example, Quakers would consider themselves persecuted if conscripted into military service. Under Rome, Christians considered themselves persecuted when they were ordered to sacrifice to the Emperor and pagan deities.

Factually Wrong: Fake Sign


This isn’t a sign you’d expect to find anywhere that uses the Arabic alphabet. It has two huge mistakes:

  1. The letters aren’t connected. Arabic, even in print, is written in what we’d call cursive. Barack Obama, for example, is spelled باراك اوباما (check with Google Translate to verify).
  2. Arabic is written from right to left. The letters for “Barack Obama” are written here left to right.

This seems to be the result of a lazy cut and paste.

Factually Wrong: Fear of Communism

Bernie Sanders may have feared that under Communism he’d lose his home and his savings, and be forced to labor eternally for meager wages. If so, he must have had a fairly rosy idea of what Communism entails.

What I would have found fearful under Communism, had it not collapsed while I was still a teenager, was very different:

  1. Loss of the freedom of speech and inability to criticize those in power.
  2. Hunger due to either purposeful policies or economic mismanagement.
  3. Forced labor prison camps (although you could claim the prison-industrial complex is such a thing – just less harsh).
  4. Deportation or execution for being the wrong social class.