Misleading Subtext

The subtext is pretty clear. Democrats wish to give tax money to lazy layabout who could have gotten a job but prefer to leech on the rest of us. However, this subtext ignore the possibility that a lot of government welfare(1) goes to people who are economically useless, because there is nobody ready, willing, and able to make use of their abilities and pay for them.

(1) The whole-inclusive definition, encompassing every payment we give people for being poor or unable to work.

Joking to Get Past Mental Barriers

This is an example of a meme that isn’t a lie. Nobody thinks skeletons actually drink beer.

However, this meme shows a great technique to propagate ideas, true or not. You don’t need to actually show evidence to plant an idea, merely to joke about it. People remember jokes, and because it is just a joke and the idea is a presupposition, they won’t notice that you’re planting an idea in their brain.