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Lying with Memes

10-1-2014 10-20-23 PM

This blog is a companion to the book Lying with Memes, available at your friendly neighborhood Amazon Kindle store. If you’re interested in the techniques used to create dishonest memes, either to create them yourself or to identify them when created by others, get this book.

Manual of Mockery


A short pamphlet explaining the techniques of mockery and how to defuse it. Also available in the Amazon Kindle store.



One thought on “Books

  1. Ori: An annoying, new entrant for your contemplation…
    “Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy”, by John Perrin.
    I bought it on Kindle, and am into the uses of Solar Energy by Greeks, Romans, French, and early Yankees. The annoying parts, so far, are his assurance about the ancients’ inability to build moveable mirrors, of huge size. Yet we know of huge Castle Gates, that were movable, as well as about water wheels and windmills of large sizes. Wood on wood bearings will work, if well larded, or well bear greased, eh? I am 9% into he book, where he is lambasting Leonardo, della Porta, and Athanasius Kircher, all about their plans for the Giant Mirror.
    More later, I can only read this stuff for an hour or so, before needing to go watch CBC, or CTV, or CNN. Strictly as a very light headed antidote. Not a Maddoxidote, that is too light, eh?


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