Majority of Square Miles vs. of People



The map clearly shows that the majority of Square Miles in the US supported Trump in 2016 (and might still today). However, it does not say anything about the majority of Americans. Some square miles have a lot more people than others.

Edit: Here’s an example of how to do a voting map right. As 3D, it can show population.


Bad Statistics and False: “Crime” map


If the maps had been true, it would still not mean much. The Democrats are mostly urban, and the Republicans mostly rural. Crime is a lot more prevalent where people actually live, and probably a lot more likely to get reported where there are enough people to make it difficult to hide. There is no shortage of things that appear correlated on the map because they correlate with population.

However, in this case the maps look nearly identical because they deal with nearly the same data. Both are electoral maps, with the bottom just retitled.


Strawman: What is the actual offensive part


The word “pussy” is indeed no more obscene than “cunt”. However, that is a strawman.

According to the BBC, Donald Trump said: “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”. The offensive speech isn’t acknowledging that women have vaginas, or using a colloquial term for them. The offensive speech is that one may grab them, presumably without verifying consent first.

Bad Comparison: Absolute vs. Relative


It looks like Bernie Sanders is contradicting himself here, but that is not really the case.

In the top picture, he is talking about absolute merit. He is saying Hillary Clinton is bad compared to some kind of absolute standard.

In the bottom picture, he is talking about relative merit. One doesn’t need to think Hillary Clinton is going to make a good president to support her. One merely needs to think that we’d get a major party candidate, and that she is better than Trump. That is a much lower standard.

Bad Comparison: Dissimilar Events

This is not a valid argument, because the two events were very different.

In Garland, TX it was an event guaranteed to upset Muslims. The event organizers, very prudently, hired guards to keep the events safe. An attack was expected, guards were there, and it was resolved successfully.

In San Bernardino, CA the attack was unexpected. While having CHL holders might have helped matters, we cannot be sure. People are much easier to attack when they think they are safe. Therefore, this comparison is invalid. A better comparison would be to an unexpected act of violence, such as this one.